Em – *** – Hare


3 different white haired OCs from my 3 separate but connected stories.


Tried to color it but I’m lazy.





It’s been a while since I drew anything related to Tourabu pff, I already stopped playing. But I still love Yasusada, and I love his kiwame form. I love ponytail but he looks gorgeous too with his hair down.

This is for another switcharound collab with Kooree. She’s doing Kashuu and she’s not done her part yet it will take her centuries!


Some sketches that got scrapped.


Very rough sketch pff.


This one is a bit darker than the others hue, Just him being bloody everywhere with some flowers unharmed beside him.


I switched to lilies, kinda like for mourning his precious Okita-kun pff.


But decided he looked too happy to be mourning so I changed to sadder face.


Just kidding! Smile again my yandere child~ I actually lined the sketch above a bit, but I didn’t like it so I sketched a new one pff.


And finally the final sketch I ended up using. With daffodils this time pff, no more mourning. He moved on!

Burning my wallet (warning: long post!)

This is why I’m not yet a proper adult. I can’t stop spending on stuff that I’m currently obsessed with. Since I moved in to my friend and her boyfriend’s house, I barely spend anything for food cause I’m their personal leftover muncher. Then I thought it’d be a good idea to splurge my dollah for BTS albums. I’m sorry mom, your child is spending money on someone else’s kids. I love those 7 dorks too much at the moment.

Anyway. Onto my loot of the month.

(Last time I used YNWA (pink ver.) poster, now I’m using Young Forever (night ver.) poster for the background cause my Love Yourself posters aren’t here yet sobs)


Before I continue— congrats to BTS for getting into BB200 at #7 and BB100 at #85~ There are more achievements they broke, but it’s too many to list and I’m too lazy hue. But yea, I’m happy for them.


Onto the mini album itself… Her majesty (pff), Love Yourself: Her. I got all 4 versions this time; L, O, V, and E. This is the very first album I preordered since I entered the fandom. Weirdly, BigHit took a while to give details on the album that I ended up buying all 4 because I’m scared it’d be like WINGS all over again. But in the end, it’s not hue, each version just has different concept this time. As much as I love supporting them, I still think it’d be best if I just bought one version, like I did with the other albums, especially considering that I don’t like all photo shoots this time. But oh well, it was my own fault for being impatient, and ended up ordering all instead of waiting.

Along with the 4 albums, I got 8 bonus photo cards from preordering from the website I used. Also, to get it over with, I didn’t get the ultra rare lenticular¬†OT7 photocard in any of the 4 albums sobs… Well I heard it’s really rare so.. euuugh. No one’s gonna sell this on ebay either I bet, even for high price. I’d buy it if someone’s gonna sell it to me tho.

Ok L version first then!


This mini album each gives you 1 CD (duh..), 1 photo book, 1 random photo card (a chance of additional special photo card, that I ofc didn’t get huehue), 1 part of HYYH notes, and 1 sticker set. Also, yea I read some translations of the HYYH notes and wow… I forgot how emo HYYH is and how much I love it sobs. Each version has different flowers on it. This looks like rose to me.


I got Yoongs photo card for L version! This version seems to be all pretty, soft, comfy and warm concept. I love BTS wearing loose buttoned shirts. I usually like soft concept, but to me this isn’t Jimin’s best look. I like the other versions better somehow.

Ok, O ver. next!


Same thing. One photo book, one HYYH notes yada yada. I’m… not sure what flower is that. I’m not florist hue. Definitely not smeraldo tho pff.


Namjoon photo card! Rappers partay here. Also. This version.. This COULD HAVE BEEN my favorite one, and the one I’d pick if I ended up buying only one, BUT THE YELLOW FILTERS AAA. It’s also soft and fluffy like L version, but this one are more flowery and dreamy like. I like Jimin’s look here, peeled coconut for the win. I really wanted Jimin’s photo card from this version tho…. He looks the cutest in this version imo.

Now onto V version~


This is tulip I think.


Hobi’s photo card! Pff the V version photo cards look like as if they’re taking photos for passport. Unlike L and O versions, this one gets more casual, sporty, and youthful. I would’ve either picked this one, or the O version if I could only choose one. I like Jimin’s photo card on this version too. Damn I’m such a Jimin’s fangrill huh hue, I’m not an akgae tho don’t worry. But I wish I got at least one Jimin photo card from the album I bought….. I got none so far…. It’s such a waste to buy the separate photo card off ebay or other websites. People do trade cards, but I want to keep all the cards I got myself too.

And lastly E version!


Don’t ask me, I don’t know what flower is that sobs.


Got Tae photo card! This makes it my second Tae photo card, the first one I got was from WINGS. Like V ver, this one is also sporty and youthful concept. I’m not really a fan of this photo shoot tho, they look like they’re taking photos in dim lit game arcade, and they have to use flash and raise the contrast to make the photos brighter. They look too ghostly pale for me here for my taste.

So that’s it for Love Yourself: Her mini album. This is actually my first comeback since I started liking them yaaay. Well I actually got into them during YNWA promotion too (before Not Today mv was released), but I want a full experience of hyping the newly released album. Talking about the discography itself tho, not gonna lie but it definitely took me a while to warm up to some of the songs. DNA in particular, that one took me several listens more than any other songs in the album, even then it’s still not my fave song out of the album. But then again, the B sides this time are just that good, and all title worthy pff. My favorite songs from this album are Intro: Serendipity, Pied Piper, and Dimple. For the hidden tracks, I like Sea too so much, the lyrics makes me appreciate Bangtan even more. Also the Skit: Hesitation and Fear….. The overall album looks bright and cheerful on the surface, but towards the outro and the hidden tracks, it sure looks darker than it actually is. I can’t wait for the next mini albums following this Love Yourself series.

Ok I’m done with Love Yourself: Her mini albums! Well…. the title is called ‘Burning my wallet’ after all, so I actually bought something else other than those 4 huehuehueheu. It’s the HYYH series albums yaaaay! /prob gonna get killed when I get back home later for splurging like this. HYYH is arguably my fave series so far, so I couldn’t help it sobs. I’ll get this through quickly cause I already know what to expect from this album cause they are not new.

I got The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt. 1 (pink version), The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt. 2 (peach version), and the repackage for the series; The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever (night version). So…… I have to admit, cover wise, all of these are my least fave PFFF. I prefer the white, blue, day versions respectively.. BUT I always pick the version based on which photo shoot I like for Jimin. We all know different versions have different photos and concepts (at least one with softer concept and the other with bad boy feel to it), and the Jimin photos I like happen to be in these 3 versions whose covers I like the least pff…. This reminds me of YNWA all over again, I like teal, but I prefer Jimin on the pink version photo book sobs. YNWA is a bit of an exception tho, while I prefer softer look most of the time, I think his punk look on the pink version is hella good. Still, I’m sorry, not a huge fan of pink here hue.

HYYH pt. 1 first~


I got Yoongi again! Second photo card of Yoongi so far. The photos above are exactly why I had no choice but to pick this version sobs. I like the soft, vulnerable look on him. He looks cold tho, wear more blanket Jim. Also, legs for days hue. This era is all about wet hair and short shorts huh. Tbh tho, I like his photos on white version as well, but the counterpart photo shoot is all in white and black. W&B is pretty too, but I think I like colored photos better so. Yeah.

Now, for HYYH pt. 2…. First of all….


Aaaaaaaa look how pretty the location for the photo shoot is~ I like the elegant WINGS and all, HYYH pt. 2 photo book, is among the strongest contender for my fave photo shoots. The soft concept counterpart is totally my jam. I love the colors and the feel to it.


Jin photo card!! That means I got at least one photo card of each member yaaaay (albeit the Jimin WINGS photo card, that one I bought from ebay sobs). I s2g him playing with bubbles is the cutest thing ever. Black haired Jimin may be my favorite, but orange Jimin is so guuud.

And lastly, Young Forever~


Kookie! 2 photo cards of Jungkook now. I have to say, this photo card, and the YNWA one are my fave Kookie cards. He looks extra baby in those 2. He grew up so well. Also pfffffff, as much as I like Jimin in this era, the concepts for either photo book are a bit funny to me pff. They’re dressing like uh.. lil princes or something. Jimin looks roughly the same, but the red beret in the night version wins it for me.

So that’s pretty much what I burned my wallet for hue. I used to buy weeb art books, but now I’m buying album for the photo books of 3D people. 3D!! Not 2D waifoos and husbandos anymore!!! Pfft that doesn’t mean I stop liking animu n mango tho. Just not keeping up with it as much.

BTS I hope you eat healthy and rest well~ Have a safe promotion and concerts for the next several weeks~


So much things going on (and going wrong) lately that I…don’t really feel like continuing anymore tbh. I feel like I keep messing up and I want it to stop. But at the same time I keep trying to lie to myself that it’s nothing big. I dunno how to cope. At times I feel like it’s easier to just give up and stop altogether.

Anyway have some Dead doodles cause it’s so relevant haha. Featuring Zombie-san, they’re both pretty much undead duo I guess. These are old doodles tho, I don’t remember if I have posted these already before here. Probably a few of em. Or maybe all pff, I dunno I don’t have either jpeg/png files for it so I assumed I haven’t.


To anyone who might be stumbling upon this (and hopefully also me from few years in the future too), don’t be like me and love yourself a lot, ok? Have a good day.