Jin’s present

This Jimin was the cutest shit ever.



Getting sick is scary pff duh

It’s been almost a month since last post hue. I could’ve waited for a full month (cuz why not) but I feel like writing today.

Actually, soon after the last post I made, I fell sick pff. Call me drama queen but it might be the most ill I’ve ever been in my entire life. In general, I rarely get sick, and I have low pain tolerance to begin with. So whenever I get sick from something, it’s usually something huge pff. And the first few weeks of November was pretty shitty because of that. I physically couldn’t draw, my neck wouldn’t allow me to. I couldn’t sleep well for weeks, while I’m usually not a light sleeper, at that time anything could wake me up, and then my whole body began to ache again which made it even harder to go back to sleep again. Every waking moment was essentially painful pfff. My body temperature kept going up and down, and I got constant headache on top of muscle pain throughout my body. I tried my best to sleep the entire day cuz of that huehue I barely used my phone or laptop at all.

That being said, thankfully I didn’t contract something that the doctor told us I could be having. Pff it would be hell if I actually did get TBC, or worse, cancer pff…. Thankfully it’s just some sort of infection. I almost got pessimistic as soon as the meds didn’t work as intended at first cuz they said I should have recovered in 5 days when the medication started. It didn’t so I got through more tests and all. Pff the shot they gave me 2 weeks ago hasn’t disappeared to this day actually. Thankfully, the second time the antibiotics worked. Slower than it should’ve been but at least it worked rite? Anyway pff, no more hospitals and doctors yay. I’m scared of em pfffffffff.

Still tho, I already felt better mid November, I just haven’t posted a thing because well. I don’t feel like it at the moment huehue. Still don’t feel like drawing. No big reason. I haven’t been opening twitter much yet either. But I still keep up with BTS and play Descha daily tho and I’m salty with the game, please treat the KR server better KHT ughhh.


I still haven’t recovered my groove yet. On an art block cuz I haven’t been drawing at all for almost the entire month pff. I have so much art ideas and redesigning to do tho, so hopefully I can regain my motivation and get back to drawing soon.

Also pff I lost a lot of followers on twitter again hue. Expected tho, always happens whenever I stop drawing for a while. Constant updates is a must huh ngh.

Another thing cuz things keep popping up in my head as I’m writing. After reading a particular comic, I want to write something that’s a bit dark. It’s not like I don’t do ‘dark’ stories, it’s just that it’s always leaning to ‘looking at the bright side of bad things in life’. I want to write things about unhealthy human relationships/psychological manipulation/or just something morally ambiguous for a change. I want characters who are charmingly sly and despicable. Someone I could potentially detest if I were to be the reader. Everything I’ve written my entire while has been completely in the grey area pfff. It’s not even a matter of white and black at all, I just don’t do hero vs. villain stories to begin with. I don’t have balls to write a character that’s actually ‘wrong’. So much stuff I want to do arghhhhh.

Ok enough of rambling pff.

Phew so nice to be writing again. So much things to unload, it sure feels good.

I’m home


The fastest doodle/painting I’ve done pff.

I spent whole night watching Maquia and discussing it with sis pff. I’ve waited for this since the movie was first announced. Been listening to the OST repeatedly as soon as the movie aired and the OST album was released this year. And now I’m finally able to watch it. Great movie, would cry again.

I love stories about family :’3


First batch! I’ll post the others later.






Next batch!











Ok now time to ramble a bit~

Sis was accompanying me thru most of these but she ended up sleeping first when I was doing the last one PFFF. She gave me lots of ideas n some insights about the story for this event, so it’s very helpful~

I def did worse towards the end pfff cuz I’m also reaaally sleepy n I’m so tired at this point pfff. But I hope it doesn’t looks too inconsistent. I really enjoyed this, a good practice to draw i7 charas n get used to em.

And now my hand is hurting pfff time to rest it properly hue.