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It’s that time again to get melancholic over old doodles and post em again.


This is one of my fave drawings of Gamer n Hare, pretty sure I’ve posted this before pfff but anyway.

I’ve never really specified this anywhere but they’re drinking buddies, and Hare is very lightweight pfff. I always make Gamer to be the childish one out of the two, but really, it is Gamer who’s more of a ‘mom’ of the relationship more than anything. He takes care of Hare well.

Love Yourself 結 ‘Answer’ review (aka I should just shut up and wait for my package quietly pff)

This is a reminiscence of May 2018 package waiting. I ranted and then soon after the package came into my door. Yes, the album set has arrived. Now it’s time for annoyingly long post that I won’t be hiding under the read more button cuz I’m annoying that way.


Same thing again, for this Love Yourself 結 ‘Answer’ repackage album release, I ordered the whole set + poster tube for the posters ofc. This time I won’t be opening the posters either cuz same reason as last time pff, I’m too lazy to fold the poster to its original state later on.


Can I just say– this album is very beautiful cuz dang. After taking off the outermost cover that’s already holographic itself, we can see the holographic print of the connecting love pattern throughout the 4 albums, on top the holographic background. It’s just very extravagant looking in comparison the older albums I must say. However tho, I still love the Love Yourself 結 ‘Tear’ album very much with its black base contrasting the holographic pattern on top. I love those 2 equally~


Same thing on the side, continuous pattern on the whole set. And of course to close off the Love Yourself series, the versions include S, E, L and F. If you put Love Yourself 結 ‘Her’Love Yourself 結 ‘Tear’ and Love Yourself 結 ‘Answer’ side by side in that order, the line pattern will connect all throughout the 12 albums, also completing the sentence ‘L-O-V-E-Y-O-U-R-S-E-L-F’. This is a simple but very neat design!


The back side of the album are all similar for each versions, listing all the tracks included in the album. There are 2 CDs in Love Yourself 結 ‘Answer’; so counting the new tracks and the old tracks from the previous Love Yourself series, there are 25 tracks in total!

I have talked about what I feel about the songs back in this post I made on the release date, so I won’t be talking much about the tracks. I must say tho I’ve warmed up enough to the new songs! However, Tear is still my favorite of the whole series, the album was totally my style.

Now onto the content of the album~


Pffff, I’ve laughed about it with sis while I was taking photos but… WHAT’S WITH THOSE HEAD STICKERS AHAHAH. Sorry, I mean I love BTS but PFF, I don’t know but this kind of merchandise is still cringy for me pfff. But of course, I’ll keep it safely in the album later pff.

ANYWAY~ the album includes 2 CDs, the notes (I’ve read the trans and Yonkook is thriving well sobs), photocard, and a lil card with a barcode to the survey link. Also yep, I’ll just say it here and now, I’m not getting the special photocard again pff. I mean ye it’s rare, and my RNG is already horrid to begin with, so yea.

Now let’s go through every version!


Let’s start with ‘S’ version~

And YEP. GUESS WHO JUST GOT THEIR FIRST JIMIN PHOTOCARD EYYYYYYYYYYYY. Finally geez, no Jimin cards ever since HYYH pt.1 album, but nah RNG decided to give me pity. Ok pff enough about photocards.. ‘S’ ver. sure has weird pics huh pff. However it’s not like I hate it. Though, is it just me or the pics look pretty blurry and darker than I expected them to be compared to the teasers? I dunno, it’s not like the online teasers have bright colors or something, but at least the color was crisp and the contrast was very clear. The printed one looks more dull to be very honest, which I’m a bit disappointed about. So ye, for me the pics aren’t translated well into the print. Still, it’s one of the most challenging and unique pictorial BTS has done, so I still very much appreciate this version!


Now the ‘E’ version!

This is arguably the most favorite version of the fandom from what I’ve seen. Personally it is also my fave along with ‘F’ ver! The pics with them trapped in the globe with the flowers or trees were hauntingly beautiful. Tho personally what makes this version for me are the few photos of em tied by ribbons, sitting like a lifeless doll or something in that weirdly designed shelves thingy pff, as seen from the photo above. This version and ‘S’ really says something about their commentary on idol industry I think, I love it very much. Also I got a cute Joon peaking for the photocard!


Also, can I give out shoutouts for Jimin in this pic in particular. I know he’s expert in using his body well for his performances, but I reaaally love his gesture/pose here. He looks too much like a doll adorned with flashy clothes and positioned carefully on the shelf here. Me likey.


Pff ok enough with Jimin. It’s ‘L’ version next~

I feel like I have Jungkook photocards the most? Pff I don’t know, I don’t keep a tab on the member count, but I have lots of Kookies for sure. The photocard for this version feels like student ID photos pff, it reminds me of ID photo-esque of Her’s ‘V’ version cards and Tear’s ‘R’ version cards. I feel pretty indifferent about the concept of this version itself, but it still has pretty pics of them inside.


Last but definitely not the least— ‘F’ version~

It’s a pretty simple concept, but I dunno I really love the colors, coordination, clothes, styling, everything. That’s why this is up there with ‘E’ version for me! Actually tho, seeing it printed, I think ‘F’ looks more crisp than ‘E’, which makes it easier to look at for me personally. Overall tho, I think the Love Yourself albums printing quality looks….very meh? Pff ofc this is a personal preference and I don’t know shit either about printing stuff, but I don’t like the format of the photobook, and the pictures so far look rather pixelated and blurry in my eyes, kinda like how WINGS album were. I want the YNWA like photobooks again D: I feel like design-wise, it is the most solid out of all BTS albums I’ve had.

Pff I’m ranting too much about the photobook format. Anyway it’s Suga photocard this time~ I think with Jimin, I have Suga photocards the least if I remember correctly. So I appreciate getting him. However, I feel the cringe for Suga when he has to wear those hearts on his cheeks pff. Ok I’m reaaaally not into aegyo culture in K-POP like, AT ALL pff despite me having freaking Jimin as my bias. Jimin’s bad at forced aegyo anyway, he’s cute when he’s doing it naturally without on purpose.


That’s really it for the album nonsense rambling review whatever it was supposed to be pfff. And here’s the photocards haul for this set~ Still grateful my Jimin RNG curse has been lifted.


The survey this time doesn’t include video cards like Tear was. I thought I was going to suffer thru Jimin RNG curse once again thru the survey pff.

Ok nOW I’M DONE. It’s been long, picture heavy post. I hope next album will have less versions not gonna lie pfff. 3 version tops pls sobs. The completionist soul within me is dying, and I haven’t even completed my older album set collection either sobss…

I’ll close it off with IDOL choreography practice video that’s already among my fave BTS choreos of all time.

Another shipping rant

Back in May I complained about this. Now I’m gonna do it again huehue.

But ofc cuz there has been too much text and not enough drawings to go with it, I’ll post some old fan art requests from my sis, and both charas aren’t from shows/games I’m watching/playing. Yes, I haven’t watched BnHA nor have I played FGO pff. I dunno, I really am not interested pff.



Ok now that’s out of the way….


This online shop I bought from actually sold it for 20 bucks cheaper compared to the previous one I used yes, and like before, I used EMS which should be around 3-7 days tops. And while for the previous shop I ranted about them not shipping it after the release date as promised (in the end, it’s just that the shipping tracker wasn’t updating well), the package came in a week after all. Actually though, it’s less than a week because they ended up sending it to post office 2 days after the release date because the album was released on Friday night + I also didn’t expect the package to be delivered on weekend either.

However—- despite being shipped one day earlier than the previous album, this time it’s been well over a week (actually it has only been 2 days over the expected max shipping day pff) but it’s still stuck somewhere according to the tracker, specifically during the shipment of the package to the closest post office in my area.

Ok lemme cut it down here cuz imma be talking about stuff I don’t even know about to begin with, so I don’t have to spread the stupidity on everyone’s face hueheuhe.

But ye more silly rant under the cut.

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The search for my precious child is over. I was using random gold card to summon and ended up not only with 5* child…IT’S SITRI UWOOO.

Party’s over. Imma doodle her and basking in her beauty. Also I’m so sooo glad her voice sounds pleasant. I was almost sure her voice is gonna be annoyingly high squeaky pitched or something pff.

I’m so predictable


I’m obsessed with IDOL now sighs..


Now that I’m calmer from the hype, I’m enjoying the chillness of Trivia songs a lot. Suga’s Seesaw might be my fave among the 3 so far. Subject to change as I replay the songs more so we will see.

Also I wonder when will my album set get shipped. I ordered from different site this time, this one was cheaper, and I hope it ships faster too. Also can’t wait not getting any Jimin photocards again~ :’3

When will I ever get one tho. Sad.

andressina.exe not responding


Me right now.

Anyway this gonna be placeholder for now. I’ll write up my thoughts on the new album later. The MV is hella weird. Jimin being center during the dance break is killing me. The MV is still very weird.

Anywayyyy I’m listening to the whole album atm. Serendipity full length version is also killing me. Heck Jimin in general is killing me. And his high note in the bridge, this is the very first time I literally yelped and EEEEEEEK’d from a man in my entire life. No lie. What the heck.

Ok time to go back to listening. Already at Dimple as I’m writing this. Brb.


You know what, what am I doing listening to the old songs on the track list. Welp time to skip to Seesaw for now.



Ok first of all, not gonna lie, the first time I heard the title track IDOL, I thought it’s a bit too noisy for my taste PFFF. And the MV… the green screen overload ain’t my taste either. But it’s definitely a grower though, and listening to it on spotify instead without the MV makes the song seems less busy for me. The song itself is already very busy, along with the MV it’s just full-on sensory overload PFF.

Still tho. I do like BTS so-called ‘noisy’ songs that many antis hate them for pff. After all, I fell in love because of Fire. I heard when it was first released in 2016, many people were not liking it? Still, it remains one of the biggest BTS songs to this day. Surprisingly, for the other hard hitting bangers like Not Today, I needed some time to warm up to the song. This will happen to me for IDOL too pff.

For IDOL itself, I do love the chorus and the bridge very much. Jimin’s part in particular is the highlight for me, as I’ve mentioned above. He’s indeed the killing part fairy/angel/whatever he wants pff. Though this is my first time not liking the rapline verses that much? I’m not sure but the verses feel disjointed from other parts of the song. Each rap verse is good on its own, together it feels weird to me. Let’s see if after few more listens, it will flow in my ears easier (it did pff, as I was writing this whole thing, it sounds easier on my ears after 3-4 loops). Also, on the previous blog post, I wrote a bit about my worries for the collab, and while I still feel a bit iffy about it, the collab ver of IDOL actually sounds pretty neat. I’m sticking with the original ver. tho.

This song def will be another new anthem like Fire.

And now yissss… for the full version intros we are having this album…

The opening of the album is Euphoria, and dang I’ve been waiting for this a long time. Jungkook’s voice always sounds very refreshing ugh. I don’t have much to say about this intro tbh, I love it.
Serendipity nghhh.. It’s one of my fave BTS songs of all time, so having the full version for it is such a blessing. Pff I’ve already fangrilled enough above on this song. Just to add another point, while he might not be the best vocalist in the group, Jimin’s voice always sound so raw and very emotional, I really can’t describe it well what exactly I love about his voice, but it just sounds so genuine. Also I appreciate the high note this time being just simply soft and not way overly high like some high notes they have for Jimin pff. Also the adlibs tho. It’s really good in this song. JK and JM always deliver my fave adlibs in BTS discography.

Last but not least, the full version of Epiphany. Unlike the other 3 intros from the vocal line, it took me a second listen to like the song. But this actually ended up being my second fave after Serendipity pff. I really want to watch Jin singing this live in concert. I feel like this is a perfect song to sing along in the concert like Forever Young and Spring Day‘s ooOOOh part pff.

Now the rapline’s trivia songs~

Now imma be a good kid and wait patiently for ARMY’s lovely translators to help me pff.

Ok the first trivia on the tracklist~ Trivia 起 : Just Dance is VERY J-Hope pfff. This bring me back Hope World feels nngh and Hobi’s mixtape was actually my fave among all mixtapes so far so that’s good. Tho, it needs more listens till I remember the song fully tho. Also, did I hear Jimin’s voice in the chorus or is it just me? I don’t know what’s the song about, but from the title and Hobi, it’s probably about his love for dancing.

Not gonna lie, as I listened to RM’s Trivia 承 : Love, I couldn’t help but to listen some part of the lyrics as my name pff. This is the closest thing I could imagine Joonie calling my name hueheuheu. Also this time, I could hear Kook’s voice in the chorus! And like, Hobi’s trivia, this isn’t like title-track catchy, so imma listen to it more for now till I fully absorb it.

I love how Trivia 轉 : Seesaw starts off with the iconic ‘Suga~’ pff. I expected maybe Tae or Jin voice in this song this time, but nah it’s female vocalist pff. All these Trivia songs are all chill songs. To be honest, none of these 3 are sticking in my brain well at the moment, mostly cuz I’m still overwhelmed with booty shaking anthem IDOL pff. I need the right mood to listen to all these 3 again after I’m over with the hype.

And now closing it off with I’m Fine. I was startled when it began with the melody from Save Me pfff. This song is really the counterpart of Save Me huh. It’s more fast paced and more upbeat than Save Me was. Tho Save Me is a bit too iconic, I’m Fine isn’t as catchy to me. I wonder if this will get a MV. It’s been a while since they released 2 MVs in one comeback. Maybe with more few listens, it’ll stick to my brain more~

Ok this was another lovely comeback. The new songs aren’t as gripping (minus the freaking IDOL pff) as LY: Tear songs, but it’s ok. Tear, after all, was one of my fave albums for me so pff. That’s one hard album to tackle. Tear is just so my style. Now back to rewatching the MV cuz I’m not weirded out enough~


How could I forget Answer: Love Myself gosh… If only they made the MV for this like they did with Epilogue: Young Forever sobs. Closing songs of each era needs their own MV aaargh. Also the song sounds sweet (also another song that’d be perfect to sing along in concert), and I can’t wait to read the English trans later when I feel like reading pff.