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Pure White outfit is da besto.


I don’t know where I’m going with the coloring tbh pff.



Milk 2.0


The moon was cool.



I just wanna ramble a bit about a fun chase we had just now.

I was watching the moon when all of the sudden I heard bangings around the roof. I was on the 3rd floor. Lemme provide a (very messy) diagram.

To make explaining easier pff. Yes we have hole in the middle of our house that’s not covered with actual roof.

So I heard rustling n banging on the roof. And then bang there’s something fell to the uh. Make shift roof thing thats covering up the hole. I was curious so I checked up on it and walked closer.

And there it was. A small (well it’s actually very big pff) rat just petrified on the corner of the roof thingy. I’m not really scared of rats and stuff so I came even closer, but it panicked and uh. It jumped through the fences. And from there, it straight up bodyslammed itself to the floor of 2nd floor (I DIDN’T KNOW HOW THE RAT SURVIVED THE FALL).

What’s impressive that it jumped from one side of the hole to the opposite. I legit thought it wouldn’t make it. Also it made a loud noise too when it fell that I felt sorry for it.

I was monitoring, leaning on the fences on the 3rd floor. The mouse landed near my sis bedroom door. It stayed motionless for a short while (must have hurt real bad), then started running to the direction of balcony on the 2nd floor. But the door to it was closed, so it ran back to its initial position. Seems confused, it hid behind shoe rack next to sis’ bedroom door.

I was feeling mischiveous that time, I took few more pics of the moon and then ran downstairs to chase the rat.

My auntie was on 1st floor. She saw me and was asking if I saw the moon n stuff. I said yes but I was excited more with the rat pff. I approached the shoe rack, gave it a few kicks and there it went. The rat nyoomed at high speed right to the stairs to the 3F. But I quickly chased it and cornered it to the wall. Then it ran back to the shoe rack. This repeated for few times.

Auntie, climbing up the stairs to 2F with food bowl and canned tuna (with our black kitty named Snowie following her), asking me where’s the rat now. It’s now stuck in the shoe rack and wouldn’t budge even tho I shook the rack. She and Snowie were about to go up to 3F but the rat ran up to them, passing them and hurried up as it tried so hard to climb the steep steps to 3F. Auntie yelped a bit, and Snowie, like a great hunter she is, chased along with me. We all ran up the stairs following fast and furious Snowie.

We were cramped around the upper part of the staircase still as the cat and mouse chase was happening so fast around the top stairs. Snowie soon stopped cuz she lost the sight of the rat. It hid behind the bucket by the wall near us. Auntie, still a tad scared, moved the bucket a bit so Snowie could capture the rat—was what I thought she was gonna do at first, but with her foot she bRUTALLY KICKED the bucket, sandwiching the rat between the bucket and the wall (at this point I think the rat is immortal).

The rat, terrified, tried to run away downstairs but there awaits me who’s still hanging around the stairs to guard it from running away to 2F. It was sooo desperate that the rat was….hanging by the edge of the stairs next to my foot. I dunno the rat was pretty stupid, it could’ve passed me by just fine but it chose to standby there. Snowie, still not giving up ofc, found the rat n jumped on it. Pff and I dunno it happened too quickly, but the rat flew jumped whatever up my arm then slammed itself onto auntie’s shirt. She screamed pff and then the rat successfully ran off to 2F. Snowie who was faster chased it first.

We didn’t see where the rat was running, but on the 2F, Snowie was in the sofa area just below the staircase to 3F, seemingly sniffing around one of the sofa. The rat was clearly hiding underneath.

‘We gotta get Berlin for this! He’s the best hunter for this!’ claimed auntie as she went downstairs to call for our smelly red white cat named Berlin. I stayed with Snowie on the 2F. With my phone flashlight, I shone the lil space under the sofa to help lil Snow look for the rat (why are we chasing a goddamn rat again).

We got a reinforcement, auntie brought another flashlight with silly Berlin trotting by her side. We pulled the sofa around and finally found it perching to the side of the sofa. At this point, our smollest cat was joining it to watch. Snowie still trying her best. As if it’s pokemon hunting, my auntie picked up Berlin n slipped him near the opening to where the rat was hiding.

The rat kept maneuvering the sofa. Berlin, while really wanted to catch the rat, was hela confused for most of the time n chased to completely wrong place that I’m confused why he’s dubbed the house’s best hunter PFF. This went on for a while until we finally cornered the rat that it grew hella desperate and went nuts on us again by jUMPING FROM 2F TO 1F THIS TIME. And ofc this time, it’s landing in the fish pond at the first floor.

It made a huge splash but THE FISH MADE EVEN A BIGGER SPLASH as our group of fish in the pond are not very welcoming of stranger in their pond pff. The splashing went reaaaally wide, the floor and walls around the pond got well soaked. The water was pretty wild to clearly see where the heck the rat fell, but once the splashing got calmer, we found the rat gasping for air and trying to swim around and climb somewhere safe. Except there’s really not much place to climb onto.

So right now, as I wrote this, the rat might still be stuck there (since none of us would want to touch it, and we got no fishnet to catch the rat either), trying to survive in the water. The fish won’t eat the rat thankfully, but the fish are still very uncomfortable with all this, and we would not want a dead rat in the pond either to poison the whole fish.

Auntie said this wasn’t the first time a rat fell to our pond. The record was 3 days(!!!) and even then it really didn’t die cuz they had enough and they finally caught the already exhausted rat, and released it to the sewer outside.

So in conclusion.

Our cats are pretty useless in catching rats, and we will be having a rat swimming in our pond unless someone got brave enough to catch it n release it outside.

P.S. I HEARD MORE SPLASHING. I wonder if it successfully climbed up the pond or nah PFF.


The rat is gone by the morning….it def succeeded in climbing up somehow pff.