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I promised I’m gonna draw pff. It’s been a while since I last tried to do colored doodle in 1 hour. I prob finished this in over an hour tho pff I didn’t time myself.

Anyway how does this dude looks like classic bishie as high schooler but grown to be an on ogre later on pff. Highschool Tristan skin is one of the best S skins.


Childs children childs children chi–

Actually recently I’ve been back playing Destiny Child again yay. I got burned out for some reason after the new Chang’e skin event early this year pfff. I still kept up with the updates, I just didn’t log in to play it (sobs I missed on Miku events….).

Here goes the Destiny Child rambling~ Have Snowie as the intro pic cuz she deserves it.

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If you look up ‘lazy’ on dictionary, you’ll find me

Cuz goddamn I haven’t touched my tablet at all since I last updated my blog. I can’t draw consistently pff I keep taking long breaks between each drawing.



This is honestly barely an update since the last I posted pff, well at least it’s something?

While I haven’t drawn much tho, I already have few drafts in my mind for future looong posts (about me cuz I love talking about myself muahahaha) that I plan to write for later.

Lil chat time~

Now I’m just trying to paint as much as I can on this, with Simon and Martina’s podcast playing in the background. Sadly they won’t be continuing there anymore, but thankfully they’ll continue on their bonus youtube channel yay.

I remember I’ve discussed this with a mutual on twitter. We both like to occupy myself with something as we draw (specifically when streaming), which I believe apply to many artists, or probably all of em actually. For her case, it’s talking with people on her streams. Meanwhile, while I like streaming cuz I actually HAVE to focus on drawing (pff), I can’t really simultaneously talk with people that are coming to the streams, but I do need musics or videos playing in the background. I also saw some people even playing anime on the side pff tho I personally can’t really do that unless I’m rewatching stuff, not new episode/any video that I haven’t watched pff. Because if it’s something that I haven’t watched, I will want to put my 100% focus on it huehue.

It’s interesting to see what people do while drawing and what help them to focus on it. It always feel like I’m really slow at doing just one drawing, but tbh it really just seem like it cuz I always get sidetracked and take a lot of breaks in between every few brush strokes. Like Nurse!Ein I did for example, If I were to be chained on the spot and locked in a small room with just my laptop and my pen tablet, I believe it’ll take me maaaaaaaaaaybe 8-10 hours ish to finish that drawing. In reality, I finished it in the span of ~3 days, but on each day I only drew during the evening for few hours, and of course with mandatory twitter scrolling or youtube binging every several minutes. Pff so in conclusion, I am bad at focusing on one thing pff.

Anyway I write too much that I’m getting too sleepy to continue painting at this point heugh, and I haven’t even spent over 1 hour doing the parts I screenshot above pff. Oh well. Imma need to focus tomorrow on it and hopefully finish it by the day after tomorrow maybe.

Focus you dumboooo, draaaaaaaaaaaw.

Also P.S. it’s our BnS clan leader birthday today yaaaaaaay. Happy birthday you silly mamabear.



Taking too long doing details that will be barely visible on resized uncropped version hue.

This gonna be wip updates full of leg hell


Decent progress so far!

Also this is late confession but, I like KHT’s oily skin style now. And it’s obvious enough I’ve been applying it in moderation since my last drawing pff.

Imma sleep soon tho cuz I haven’t slept yet all night and I’m losing it hue. Need to refill my energy tank. I’m so hungry tho, can’t sleep easily if I’m hungry tbh.



I’m playing around too much now pff prob will take longer to finish than Nurse!Ein at this point. Ok need to get focused ngh!


I’m starting on a new painting already yay! Already have the next one planned too! I’m on a roll uwoooo, I won’t give up till I paint more effectively and my watchers are getting their interests back! Need to do comms!!

Also, it’s no surprise coming from someone like me but I sure always start painting from the legs eh? My love for thighs is endless.

Also random rambling time!

My childhood friend (and I don’t even remember when did we start to know each other pff that’s how young we were when we first got introduced) contacted me first time since forever today. We haven’t been in touch since I left to study abroad after middle school. And now we are planning to have a pool date sometime this week yay~ I miss swimming so much so this gonna be fun, I ain’t going home till I ride all the slides available!

Also pff cuz it’s been a while we were still pretty awkward, but I hope we start to warm up soon pff. After growing up this much, we have grown our own interests and separate lives, so it’s understandable we can’t reconnect immediately. One thing I learned today tho, is that she’s an EXO fan while I’m a BTS fan pff. What are the odds..

Also random thing I noticed. I forgot how age difference matters here. Somehow I’m already used to not being bothered by age difference, and call people by their names without suffix regardless of their age (unless they’re professors or something ofc, I call em prof). Hearing my old friend calling me ‘mbak’ (big sis in indo) and talk/act politely to me make me uneasy pfff. We are only one year apart, and since we are both adults now, I honestly wouldn’t mind her being more casual with me.

But then again I’d still like to be called ‘mbak’ tho pff. As the older sister in my fam, plus child of parents who are both the second eldest in their family with tons of younger siblings and even more children, I’m waaay used to being called ‘mbak’ by my fam and cousins etc. that if someone that’s not my same age friend calls me without ‘mbak’, my brain gets confused pff.

I wonder what it feels for my older cousins to refer me with ‘mbak’ cuz their parents are younger than mine pff. I have this cousin from my mother’s older bro who’s still in elementary school, and I still mess up and call her mistakenly with ‘dek’ (lil sis) or just by her name sometimes.

On the other hand, there are cousins (whose parents are my parents’ younger siblings) that I call big bro/sis cuz they’re way older than me pff. Technically I can just call em by their name cuz their parents are younger than mine, but I don’t feel like it’s right pff.

This must be a confusing system to many western culture that don’t have this tradition pff.

Nurse Ein

Pff I had the file named ‘docein’ but it’s really nurse outfit, not doctor. There’s no doctor outfit in the game afaik.

Anyway I’m finished~ Imma do a couple more (and hopefully do it even faster than this drawing) and get ready to open commission!! Maybe!! Pfff we’ll see later!!

Have some wips for it~


PFFFT I lost 2 watchers after posting this drawing on deviantart goddamn. Also it only has 1 like so far as I’m typing this, while I’m not active anymore there, I usually receive more likes much faster and plentier than this. The last messy doodle I posted there still got 100+ likes.

Nurse Ein is offending people for some reason pff. Why Einein whyyyyy~

I don’t mind being unwatched or not getting that much likes, but now I’m wondering if my follower base is still active/likes me enough to commission me now. From this case, I don’t think I will sell at all pfff. It’s apparent enough considering that I haven’t been getting any ‘are your commissions open?’ DMs recently I guess. I got asked a lot more before pff.

We’ll see tho, I’m posting at bad hour so maybe it’ll get more responds by the time I wake up maybe? Pff I really need money uuugh hopefully there will be some interests.

Ok gotta sleep cuz muh eyes are dyiiiin~


Ok. I woke up to 4 likes pff also a mere whooping 32 views. Yea def my dA watchers are not active anymore. Maybe it’s time to go back to how things were in 2014 and start promoting like a new user again?

It’s ok, I’ll try again next painting pff. Hopefully the reception is better.


The likes are up to 14 and the views are 64. Still very low in comparison to my average stat.

I lost another watcher (!!!) but 2 people downloaded the pic in 1 day (??). I don’t usually have much high download clicks (right clicking then save the pic is ez enuf anyway), on top of that this is my original art which usually don’t get downloaded much unlike my fan arts, so this combination of low likes+getting unwatched+decent downloads in one day are just funny to me pfff.

My guess is some watchers aren’t happy with my (somewhat) new art/painting style change while the minority likes it enough to click download?

Pff ok this was very obsessive of me to get so iffy over one post on deviantart. I’ll stop here and call it a day. Hopefully the next painting I’m doing atm will do better~☆

Reminiscing BnS UGH

Incoming nostalgia rant and lots of pics~


I know there’s a website that compiles most of the available BnS outfits out there, but I was too lazy to look for the name of the nurse outfit, so I’m using screenshots of Einel wearing it instead cuz it’s easier that way pff.

In the midst of looking thru the screenshots, I found some cool shots. I forgot how beautiful the game can be. Makes me wanna go revisiting and take pretty pictures in the best spots in the game.


Some ear types glow when using the lightning stance on blade dancer. Mine doesn’t, but my fave headband glows~ Best head accessory indeed.


Pff the previous pic was like, the last moment before I switched Mia and Dhea’s classes. I wanted female blade dancer so pff. White tiger ears don’t glow either like Mia’s cat ears, but it’s ok, the headband saves the day.


The game has its ugly moments tho. This was creepy.


Firo is the prettiest male toon I have imo. Some people don’t believe me when I say I like big macho huggable men, I really do :<

I’ve mentioned this before somewhere in the blog, but I had this classmate named William before and he was the fluffiest, tallest, beefy man I’ve met, and he got the warmest hug I’ve ever received. I literally ran to him with open arms whenever I saw him on my way to class :’3333333 And coming from me, an individual who’s eXTREMELY shy and isn’t comfortable with physical interaction most of the time, this was a rare occurance pff. Firo was inspired by him, had William in my mind while designing him pff. The hair is inaccurate tho, William is bald.

I missed him so much.. I want to bear hug him again.


You know, I understand people have different tastes and all but, I always silently question people who design their toons (mostly male players with female toons) with thiiiiccc layer of tacky makeup, unproportional body aka hella big boobs+teeny tiny waist+pacific ocean wide hips, and heavily oiled skin pff. Oily skin and massive boobs/ass are accurate for a game with KHT participating in the art direction tho. In that way, my Vera is the odd one in this universe? Pff.


The brides; Atene and Pocky. Einein is just a bridesperson pff.


I have a stupid amount of screenshots of Einein in this place (I forgot what it’s called oops). My second spot for most photos taken is Mushin’s Tower F15 pff. I love chilling there after finishing my daily Mushin run.


That time when I went to the most beautiful place in the whole Bns (imo) but I wore some of the ugliest stuff I have in the wardrobe.

Screenshot_170709_000 (2).jpg

That time when Atene was being.. Atene. But I agree, that raid we were in that time was horrid pff.

All said and done, tbh I really can just play the game here and now, but I always get tilted at the slightest ping drop that the game will be just plain irritating for me pff, especially with our slow wifi here. Two of our bear fam played from far away countries tho (afaik they stopped playing sadly) so if I just toughen up and suck it up, I could just play like they did pff.

Ok done with the nostalgia for now. I ran out of screenshots to discuss about pff. I had more photos in my previous laptop, but there I only played with low settings anyway, so the pics aren’t pretty at all pff.

Imma try painting a bit more and then sleep after maybe. Also recovering from new hair color reveal from BTS pff. They looked banging in the concert.

I’m old


I’ve had Clip Studio Paint since a long time, but I barely touch it. So I decided once and for all that today imma be practicing drawing on it so I can a bit ‘pro’ in this.

After several hours playing with it I went straight back to SAI cuz goddamn I DON’T KNOW HOW THINGS WORK. Even SAI took me a while to learn pfff I don’t know if I can’t handle CSP or Photoshop sighs…. I’m like those parents who can’t operate technology at all. Ughhh one day me, one day.

Also the drawing above wasn’t drawn on CSP at all pff. It’s SAI.