Not sure I’ll ever finish this but I’ll try.



I’m hella slow at coloring and I keep taking too much break. Well I haven’t slept since yesterday so I’m trying hard to focus here as much as I can hue.


I was ready to finally go out and get proper food after these past week stuck with uncooked noodles, but suddenly I got diarrhea and lost my appetite… But I need to eat… I was so ready to get beef I’ve been craving sobs…



Still not feeling it, but at least I drew something cleaner this time.

I’m still eating uncooked noodles for some reason. I can’t believe I said this but I really miss veggies right now. I need to stop killing my own body. Need nutrients..

On a side note, this year’s summer wasn’t as bad as last year’s. It is hot yes, but not as painfully hot and humid like last year for some reason. I appreciate that. I really wanna go swimming. I miss playing in water park with my sis, carrying our tube up the countless stairs to get on all the slides, and lazying around in the river pool. I just miss childhood in general. Wasn’t the happiest childhood there is but it has good moments at times. Meng I’m too lonely right now, but at the same time I’m not reaching anyone nor am I even trying to. Brb playing my life anthem All By Myself.



I’m stuffing myself with horrible food as I keep marathoning food videos on youtube. Maso at its finest. I’m hungry for meat… I haven’t eaten meat for uh…. I don’t know how long, I’m not good at keeping up with the date anymore it’s so bad.


Drawing Dreamer that i posted on this post made me wants to cut my hair to her length. Just took a shower and cut a good chunk of my hair right after. My hair is uneven now but my head feels lighter. I feel better.


I don’t really want to be too emo but. I’m really scared of living right now. I can’t stop thinking of harmful things.

Just a quick phone doodle. I want to enjoy drawing again but it is so hard.

It’s hot and humid tonight

Let’s start with a lovely picture of these amazing artists that I’ve been into.

Well it’s just a picture of one of them pfft, it’s Jimin. In the fandom term i guess u can say he’s my bias. I love all 7 of them but I’m so fond of the sunshine line (J-hope, Jimin, V). There are many good pictures of them that I can share but I don’t want to repost pictures from the fansites.

Call me basic all you want but I have been liking BTS quite a lot. Their music helps me cheer up a bit when I’m in slump. Which is happening way a lot lately, I need to get a grip fast.

I just feel like rambling a bit. This was never purely an art blog pfff, I used to talk about random things more here, now I’m just too pressured to only post drawings here even tho I don’t exactly share this blog to my other accounts hue.
Anyway the weather’s hot. I’m sad. I’m just legitimately sad for no reason. Tears welling up cause why not. Mini is cute as usual. I havent been eating well (still gloriously gaining weight ofc cause I only eat junk), I’m literally eating uncooked instant noodles like nobody’s business. To be fair uncooked noods are common snack back home so pff. It’s sad but feels like home at the same time. I’m totally ruining my health here huh.

I feel weak and miserable. I really just don’t know what to do. What am I even doing with my life aaargh. My head hurts I just want to sleep forever meng. That’d be great.

Ok enough with sad depressing stuff. Have some old pic of my dinner from a looong while ago. It’s poke, some hawaiian marinated raw fish if you don’t know about it, tho I was eating it at Korean restaurant as you can see from the banchan on the left pff.

You know what. I should really get up and get some good food tomorrow. A proper warm food. And maybe cry by myself from how good fresh warm food can be alone there in the restaurant because I totally did that before huehue. My passion for food is great guys, even tho I eat uncooked noodles.

I should stop for now cause when I ramble, I can totally write a short novel if I don’t stop myself. I know there are some followers of mine here (how did u even find me and why are u following me in the first place pff) that I don’t want their day to be ruined with uh, weird post like this.

I like pictures more than words so lemme look up some random pictures I can decorate this gloomy post with.

Loco Moco from food court in Japanese market downtown. I need to go there again cause the cashier person was so nice and remembered me and it always cheers me up seeing a stranger being kind to a rando like me. Thank you for all the restaurant people that remember me (and gave me free food multiple times too geez..). I’ll visit each and everyone of you again when I have energy to walk to your place~

Pok intensifies

In regards to yet another theft (sigh), this is how I’m gonna watermark my drawings from now on.


Nah I’m just kidding pfff.

Man. Why do people steal stuff and claim that its theirs pfft. O well, I hope it gets taken down fast.