I don’t like birthday celebrations

But I’m always incredibly sad if people forget my birthday hehe.



October 30th is my birthday, and this year’s birthday was spent almost entirely on the airplane flying me back to my home country pfff. I went to the airport in the evening of 29th to catch 1 AM flight at 30th. The flight took more or less 12-13 hours. By the time I got off the plane for transit in Taipei, it was already 31st due to timezones pff. So in the end I never really experienced 30th because all the lil time I had on the day on the airplane was mostly spent with me sleeping off the exhaustion I had from packing and traveling.


The flight was great. For the first flight, I had no one sitting next to me on the window seat, so I comfortably switched around the 2 seats because I can.




The food was decent, could’ve been more seasoned. I mostly drank apple juice, on the second flight I kept asking for black tea but they said ‘it’s not the time, wait till later’. In the end I never got my cup of tea because I didn’t know when is the ‘time’ they promised and I just ended up sleeping throughout the rest of the flight. I got my fave sour airplane candies tho.


Also I captured a pretty sight of rays of light penetrating the cloudy morning sky of Taipei.





And I finally met with the 4 cats our fam took in. I’m not close to 2 of them yet, they both are pretty shy. But I hope they’ll warm up to me soon. As a cat holic I’m truly pleased with all the beautiful kitties sobs.

I pretty much slept early at 31st too because of the exhaustion from the trip. And now I’m typing it in the beginning of November. And after I checked up the fridge and saw 2 ice cream cakes for my father and sis’ birthdays a while ago, only then it hit me that this year’s birthday miiight be my worst birthday to date pff.

Get ready for first world problem ranting *drum rolls*————

No one actually wished me happy birthday on the day of my actual birthday pfff. My whole family (except my big bro, not surprising) wished me hbd on 29th, because of the timezone difference and all. Kooree too pff. No one’s doing it on my birthday pff.

This is also the first year I’ve had none of my friends sending me birthday wishes pff. Tho I have no rights to complain because I was cutting off contacts with most of my friends due to some personal issues pff. I recently talked to them again but oh well, I guess no one remembers. Then I started thinking, for someone who hates birthday celebrations, I do remember my friends’ etc birthday dates well, and I always try my best to wish them happy birthday exactly on midnight, preferably on their respective timezones too. Not gonna deny that I’m half expecting for everyone to do the same, but in the end it’s not like they owe me do they? People are busy, they have no obligations to go to such length pff.

On the good side tho, a mutual on MAL who I don’t even speak to on regular basis did wish me happy birthday pff. And because I’m not really using MAL to interact with people, just to compile all my animu and mango list, my profile comments are practically dead. And that person’s birthday wishes from 3 consecutive years are still among the top comments on my profile pff. Not sure why they bother to do that for a stranger like me, but I can’t deny I’m happy. Lowkey my fave birthday wish this year, but then again there’s not much competition tbh pff. I’m gonna wish them hbd for sure next year.


In the end I’m not even sure why I’m writing this post pff. I closed the fridge, went to unpack my pen tablet, drew Dreamer crying with Nekocchi staying by her side, then wrote this all up while tearing up. Yet another whiny post by yours truly, but it’s nothing new right?

Pff I haven’t had enjoyable birthday experience in years and I always wished that people around me just leave me alone on my birthday, but this year I’m genuinely sad that no one’s gonna celebrate it for me. Why am I so emotional today I wonder. I guess having so much free time by myself makes me thinking about unnecessary things. In the end tho, as much as I’m disappointed with how this whole thing turned out, I need to be grateful cause at least some people do remember. I can be spoiled sometimes pff.

Also after thinking about it, I can’t believe I think this is my worst birthday when last year or 2 years ago my parents forgot my birthday pff. Well this year and that past year are 2 top contenders!

Anyway. It’s a bit late but, happy birthday me. Hang in there and let’s live for another year shall we.

PxLL and Antarcticite


I always see Diamond’s fanarts everywhere, I guess because people just like them or the hair is just so fun to color, can’t deny that. But my fave gems are Antarc and Pho– uh… This chara is a bit too spoiler-y pff.

Along with Kujira, Houseki no Kuni is my fave anime this season.



It’s been a while since I drew anything related to Tourabu pff, I already stopped playing. But I still love Yasusada, and I love his kiwame form. I love ponytail but he looks gorgeous too with his hair down.

This is for another switcharound collab with Kooree. She’s doing Kashuu and she’s not done her part yet it will take her centuries!


Some sketches that got scrapped.


Very rough sketch pff.


This one is a bit darker than the others hue, Just him being bloody everywhere with some flowers unharmed beside him.


I switched to lilies, kinda like for mourning his precious Okita-kun pff.


But decided he looked too happy to be mourning so I changed to sadder face.


Just kidding! Smile again my yandere child~ I actually lined the sketch above a bit, but I didn’t like it so I sketched a new one pff.


And finally the final sketch I ended up using. With daffodils this time pff, no more mourning. He moved on!