Ok game’s over. I’m done here.

Nah jk. She’s not even the best dps water child (I heard Eve is better) but I don’t care, she’s still my first gud water dps. She’s so pretty nghh. I love the artist who designed Bari and some others. If my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me, they also did the new Sang Ah’s skin for new years event.

I wanna know the artist’s name and look at their gallery nngh. Ok time to go back to do the daily for the event and grind for this pretty skin.


Drawing while jamming to Ramuda’s ‘drops’


Quick Ramuda doodle in between linearting. I’m listening to Ramuda’s solo now but my fave songs are Doppo’s, Jakurai’s and Gentaro’s. Sis u baka, don’t make me fall into idol hell pls. Well tho Hypnosis Mic is rap. Not idol pop song.


AT that was put on hold for around maybe 1 year? Hue. My bad.


Now I remember why I never properly drew Madun before.


His ball sacks pants are stupid. I don’t mind drawing the details itself but wth are those pants.


I like writing random things so imma write random things so I can distract myself from negative thoughts.
(Kinda) sad that I left BnS, and probably for good too, I started shifting to a new game that I can obsess with aka Destiny Child, a Korean MMO phone game. Which is not surprising cuz I’ve been drawing few fan arts of it recently. Also I have to say I dunno why the title game has to be that because I can’t stop thinking of this certain disbanded group with 3 amazing singers.

Also having the same art director (Kim Hyung Tae) like BnS, I’m already fond of the game despite all the questionable tiddy sizes and ☆ thicc ☆ hips and super shiny oily skin. I still like many aspects of his art, and of course every artist that is included in this project too. They’re all great artists, I wanna be like them one day.

Tho what makes the game even more charming…

…is that the game utilizes live2D system. Which makes me fascinated n sad at the same time cuz the battery it drains pains my heart.

I feel like screenshots don’t do justice to show the game at all pff. Need gifs or videos.

All said and done, I’m not really writing all this to say what is the game about or whatnot. I just wanna show my children!!!! Or ‘childs’! Dunno why but I saw people using childs as the plural form for it. But anyway!

I didn’t really screenshot a lot for my achievements or my pull for first few weeks. But I kept a shot of me getting Frey from a random pull long while ago. He’s one of the few childs I’ve been intending to get from the very start so I’m happy I got him. What a dork.

My other bae is Bari, but alas I never got her so far. To be fair I couldn’t expect RNGsama to bless me with 5 star childs that easily. For now I can only stare at her at synth room sobs. Look at her. She’s so pretty. I love this artist too. They drew Hild too!

I have such an expensive taste. I’m not really faving over any child that’s less than 5 star.

This 4 star meme blackblue/whitegold gurl caught my interest tho.

I keep rambling over the gacha n the childs I got but the gameplay is nice too tho. Quite engaging considering how much limitations action phone game could be in most cases.

And also the story mmm.. I really wish I could read Korean so I could understand the story tho. I like how each child has lil story on their own too apart from the big main story. I wanna know everyone’s relation to each other etc.

The only thing I’m sad about is that there is lack of cute bois around pff. So many female childs and so little males. And even few of the males have girl alternative skins so you are able to make him into a gal if you want to. The girls are still hella good tho, I just wish there are more boys to play with too.

This guy Ymir is one of the few pretty males around. My fave boi so far might be Frey but I have to say Ymir is prettier. His color changing eyes are beautiful too. It reminds me of Rita’s eyes.

I’m not 100% sure but I wonder if it’s from the same artist. Also p.s. there’s a very quick pantyshot from Rita above. Tsk tsk. The game has insane amount of fanservice. Despite all that I’m glad Android ver. got R18 uncensored version. iOs one is censored I believe.

That all said, I like how the childs have 2 forms and everything. Ymir “human version” is the greatest. He looks clean. And Lisa is super cute! Among all 3 main girls, I like Lisa the most.

Another fanservice aspect of the game (that I like hue) is that we can raise stats from having the child take a dip in the spa. So on top of the default skin, S-class skin, human version, and alternative skins (in which one child can even have multiple available while some none :’3), they have spa skins too. Too much visual attacks.

I may or may not initially wanting to write all this just because I just got Verdel’s spa skin from patrol……… Getting spa skin also requires rng ofc sobs, so I’m happy with any 5 star spa skin I get!

He looks adorb trying to follow the butterfly. Who would wear the silly collar n tie while bathing tho. Also why u covering your chest like that Ver pff.

Also it’s late and I have anything else to brag hue. The next time I ramble about DC it’ll be when Bari comes home!

To close it off, have my princess, Aurora.