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So, I have a ‘dream diary’ kind of thing that I write on my phone’s SNote where I just note down any interesting dreams I’ve had. This acts as both ‘bank idea’ and practice for lucid dreaming or some sort pff, I’ve read somewhere remembering your dreams as much as you can as soon as you wake up helps for lucid dream training pff, ofc I’m not sure how legit it is. But as far as I remember, I haven’t had any full on lucid dream and I want to have one one day foh sure!!!!

Around last week I had a dream where it’s not from my perspective, aka it’s like I was watching over different people in my dream, which is rare cuz I usually only dream about myself and irl people around me (usually family and irl friends). And the story around it is pretty— exhilarating so I’m constructing new stories and OCs around it yay. It’s new OC season~



I’m still designing stuff and brainstorming/researching ideas so far so I’ll hold off on any details on it until I reach a more solid story premise and proper OC designs. I’m still working on one of the character in my dream so far argh, I haven’t gotten to the other important chara yet. So slow pff.

I don’t really use many uniform designs in many of my stories so this is something that I need to research a bit more pff. And also names. That’s one thing I’ll be struggling on for sure hue. Oh and also hopefully I get to draw more varied faces this time cuz the more OCs I have, the more I feel disappointed with how little diversity I have in my characters pfff. Same-face syndrome going strong still sobs.


Don’t wanna make a new blog post for this. I got headache and I feel nauseous, I was gonna take some meds but somehow all of it are gone from my lil medication bag. I’m pretty sure I still got more than half a strip there, who stole it aaaaarghhhhhh.


Still waiting for the last ‘fam’ to visit sigh


I’m too lazy to fully color this tbh pff. Also, Baby faced Frey + abs look funny huehue.



I don’t wanna continue anymooore aaargh.

I guess I’ll leave it for now cuz I wanna finish the Nissa Noval drawing first before I totally lose interest for it.


My tweet of this drawing got flagged as sensitive on twitter?? Wat??? Pff that’s annoying. Really tho why? Cause they’re in undies???


I haven’t been posting much cuz it’s Eid nauuuu nah I’m just lazy and I haven’t drawn anything for a while. But anyway, ramadan is over so selamat idul fitri for those who are celebrating~


I really only started picking up pen tablet again to draw these 2 adorkable muffins.



I lowkey shipped em before, and this new card only make me go even more uwu for them ugh even tho I don’t really know what’s between them PFFF since I can’t read Japanese nor Korean, but I know they’re somewhat close tho. I hope they’re not close cuz they’re siblings or something though… cuz that’d be illegal pff. I don’t think they are, one is a demon and the other is uh… I dunno zombie ish?

Regardless, they look so cute together ngh!



Haven’t progressed with the painting at all since the previous post update so yea.


Kinda wanna ramble for a bit.

There’s these 2 people online I know since middle school years (well they don’t know me well tho pff I really was just an observer the whole time). They are not in good terms cuz something that happened back then and all, and I thought they’re already over it by now because you know.. it’s been so long ago pfff.

I noticed both of em on occassions write shady things and I always assumed it’s got nothing to do with each other. But just recently one of em confirmed on their random rant that it really was their ‘enemy’ they’re alluding to.

Tbh none of these are really my business yes pff. It’s just really a surprise to me I guess. I mean, it’s not like I’d be surprised if they still don’t want to have anything to do with each other because they didn’t end things well back then, but I thought considering it happened so long ago, by now it’d be simply mutual ignorance of each other’s existence. You know, just going on their own daily lives without really checking out what the other is doing. If they want to, options like blocking/muting/etc exists too. Not sure why none of 2 had done it. That ain’t healthy rite pff. Maybe I just don’t linger too long on things, but I personally don’t check up and stalk people I already cut off. Wish they’d do the same, but then again it seems like people around em belong in a same lil circle of community, so cutting each other off completely would be a bit harder since their friend is the other’s friend too and so on.

Pff I sound as if I’m invested in this. Which prob true to some extent cuz those 2 were among a group of people that inspired me to get interested in digital art in junior high. They’re no longer my inspirations but the fact still remains that I knew what tablet and digital drawing programs from em. Tho… I only ended up owning my own pen tablet in college pff. Better late than never~

Anyway I really hope they treat themselves better and start to just, not bother with each other and got all passive agressive n shady on their social media from it pff.

Back then I used to regularly finish complete drawings in one sitting. Not anymore!



I really wanna post more but at this rate I’m only doing like, few brush strokes per hour that the progress is very snail paced pfff. Get it together me geez, gotta finish my first clean painting for this year. Can’t believe I haven’t done any clean drawing at all in 2018 and we are already halfway thru the year sighs.




I’m going at the rate of one pigtail per day!


Pff imma just be updating this post instead making a new one. Also, finished another pigtail and 2 hands ey. Still slow as heck hueee.



I don’t draw kissing scenes often do I pff, this looks rather awkward.

Anyway last post made me wanna draw Aya Nana more yay, I love em.


Also I forgot to say this pff, but new blog theme to change things up~ I’m liking it so far but I’m still getting used to the font change pff. Also sidebar being on the left instead of the right.



Nana, while not the first LGBT+ original character I have, was the first chara I have that revolves around coming into terms with himself in regards to his identities, including his sexuality. I’ve had charas that don’t fall into traditional gender and sexuality categories before but I usually just keep it as a subplot cuz I mostly write fantasies where LGBT aren’t really looked down upon or the focus of the story. I don’t write much romance either in general pff.

You know how OCs stuff works pff. Many artists’ OCs are usually a part of themselves in one way or the other, be it about personalities/looks/identity/etc. Nana, in a way, is among the closest representations of me, specifically during my early adulthood.

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This guy is still nameless


I have name for Sophie but not him. Before I even think about naming him tho, I better make him interesting looking first pff. I dunno I’m lazy.

I thought the artblock was over but nah I just wanted to draw legs hours ago. Don’t feel like drawing full body yet hue.


This is why you shouldn’t work on drawings with the monitor tilted. Only after posting I realized the drawings look funnily stretched vertically.