I miss snow


I love afking at Frostscale Basin. Snowy areas are pretty, but they’re fps killer. I like the winter jacket I got from the last totally screwed up p2w box partay event. Don’t really care much about other gifts I got from it tbh, winter outfit is da best.


I wanna draw Einein in this outfit later.

I haven’t been playing BnS much actually. Only playing for raids mostly, so I’m not progressing as much as I could’ve been. The new raid is coming soon next week so I really should gear up. I’m halfway through with collecting tokens for the legendary bracelet. Fightiiiiing.

So many things going on lately that I just feel exhausted and stressed pretty much 24/7. The only thing I’ve drawn recently is this…thing.


What a masterpiece eh. I’m still sane right now, don’t worry. I think.

I may be stressed right now, but at the same time I’m hyped for BTS new project ngghh. They’re coming back in around 1 month. Can’t wait.


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